Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A weekend with mom and a boy for the Mayo's!

We just had a FABULOUS weekend with Mommy dearest. We had a great time shopping and touring around. She was a delight to have, useful as always, helping to get the house organized and baking like a mad woman! We loved it and it was SO good to see some family. It's getting kind of lonely out here. Thankfully tax season is ALMOST over!! Woo hoo! Jason has been working so hard! He just joined a competition Volleyball league that will run pretty well year round. So he's very excited about that. Plus, waterski season is just around the corner. We all went to another boat show this weekend to get the summer mood started. We've been doing lots of walks around the area. Becky Bates got to join this week on her visit. It was great to see her again too!! Kelowna is in Beck's district for work so we get the pleasure of seeing her every couple of months to catch up! Good to see ya girl!
Jayda had a bit of a rough weekend. She got an ear infection in the midst of cutting molars and then reacted to the antibiotics. So we're at home today getting some rest after a few sleepless nights. Daycare has been good for exposure to disease! Geez, the life of a working family, fun, fun!
We'd like to send out big HUGS AND KISSES to the Mayo family who just had a baby boy!! Larsen Ronald Weston Mayo, weighing in at 5lbs 4oz's(I think)?! What a cute little man! You guys did good! Congrats and we LOVE and MISS you!!!
We love to hear your updates via email, keep them coming. Love you all!

Monday, April 9, 2007


We are hoping everyone had a delightful Easter. We had a fun Easter morning doing an Easter Egg hunt with Jayda. She then thought she needed to eat all the chocolate. Much to her dismay she was limited but I don't think the child has seen that much chocolate ever! So fun!! Jayda has been learning lots of new words including her new friend Elmo's name. She's still very shy when it comes to the phone though. She likes to listen to people but doesn't ever really say much. It's weird because during the day she is such a little jabberbox. She loves to sing, talk to herself, dance around and CLIMB!!
The weather has been fantastic lately. We got a little bit of rain today but it's been quite warm. Even with the rain today it was still 17C. So we are happy that summer seems to be on it's way! All the golf courses are open and the ski hill just closed this past weeekend. Jason is chomping at the bit to get waterskiing! Our ritual Sunday walk by the lake teases him every time.
We are still really enjoying our place. Our neighborhood is quite small and we went around and met all the families. Seems like a good group. Their are only 10-12 houses in our area, the rest is Orchard so we are pretty isolated. It sounds like everyone gets together for neighborhood BBQ's etc, so it should be a fun time.
We'll be starting to do some work to the yard once Jason is done tax season. So far just lots of unpacking, organizing, sorting. All that fun stuff!
Well keep in touch everyone...hope you enjoy the pics!
The Hatch Family