Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We're in Calgary!

It's been way too long since my last post! Sadly the last posts title "We're done" has to make me laugh! My professional student of a husband has decided to once again go back to school! Jason found out at the end of November that he passed his CA and is now persuing his CBV(Chartered Business Valuations). Unfortunately, Kelowna doesn't have much of an ability to train someone in this area, so we've had to move to Calgary to make that happen. The thought process for doing this came when we found out that I was expecting. We'll be having another little munchkin running around at the end of June! So we are happy but surprised with that news. My brother Chris and his wife Patricia are also expecting at the same time and other brother David and his wife Amy will be having one in November. So it's going to be the year of the Stevens Family babies! With my having to take sick leave early we figured we better make the move. So within a month we've rented out our place in Kelowna, found a place here in Calgary and made the move. Needless to say, we are all EXHAUSTED! It's strange being back in Alberta but it'll be nice to be closer to family. We picked a place to live that's quite close to the highway getting home so the drive should be pretty reasonable to Medicine Hat. So they'll be lots of visiting the grandparents while Jason slaves away with school and work. Jayda was such a good little girl on the drive over. I was really worried having to drive alone with her with no one to entertain her. She just watched her DVD's, sang and slept. The getting here as always was more complicated than expected. Uhaul screwed up our reservation, so rather than having one 26ft Uhaul we ended up with Jason driving a 17 ft Uhaul pulling a 6 x 12 trailer and another 6 x 12 trailer being pulled behind the Jeep with me. I've never really pulled a trailer, so it was pretty intimidating for me to get to drive that sucker through the mountains. I wasn't able to go over 80km/h or the trailer would swing back and forth and scare the crap out of me. It was pretty brutal white knuckling the wheel the whole way here. We were running late getting here and had people waiting to help us unload. So we could only stop once for 10 minutes for gas and had to drive straight through the rest of the way. With only 3 hours of sleep the night before it made for a very LONG day! We got here and thankfully my family was kind enough to met up with us and help unload the uhauls! We're now just spending our time unpacking and getting settled. We look forward to the visits from our friends in Kelowna this summer and hope to see a lot more of our Alberta friends and family while we are here. So keep in touch everybody and here is our new contact information...
125 Autumn Gardens SE
Calgary, AB
T3M 0H8
Love you all!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well the post of happiness has finally come! Jason has written his UFE and for now in our thoughts we are done! We don't find out the results of his exam until the end of November, so until then we will hope for the best. He went in prepared and no major catastrophies happened, so we are hoping for a good result with all this hard work. It's so nice to have both of us working normal hours and then enjoying our family life together in the evenings. Jason has started his rec Volleyball and is really enjoying that. We were able to find a babysitter this week so I went out and subbed this past week and it was a really good time.
Jayda is just growing so much everyday. She's already 3 ft tall so we know that we are going to have a TALL girl on our hands. She is so active, nothing has changed about that and spilling out more and more words everyday. She loves doing her sommersaults and yelling out "TADA" when she is done. She has also started thinking the phone is for her when it rings and always wants to have her turn to chat. It's so cute!! Sleep is still always a challenge with her. She's been tending to get out of bed and come downstairs to visit us in the middle of the night. Makes for great lacks of sleep during the week but she's just so cute, how can you be upset? So we walk around like Zombies with a cute little girl to show for it. Jayda's been enjoying her swimming lessons learning her kicking and blowing bubbles. Her favorite has to be the slide she could run back and forth to the slide the whole lesson and be happy.
As for me I have somehow gotten myself lured into training for a marathon. I HATE running so this is going to be such a challenge for me. A co worker showed interest and asked me to join, I didn't realize what I was getting into and now am in training for next years Okanangan Marathon(qualifier for the Boston Marathon). I have lured Jason in with me, so we'll be running that next year after plenty of brutal training that has already begun. We go to the marathon Thanksgiving weekend to help out and see what we have gotten ourselves into. After Thanksgiving weekend we are looking forward to a visit from my parents who are stopping by on their way to my cousin Jen Prince's wedding in San Diego, CA. So we wish Jen a great wedding and my parents a safe trip and can't wait to see them!
We are getting a little homesick for our families, especially with the knowledge that we won't be able to make our way home this Christmas. We hope to hear from you all and that you keep us posted and a part of your lives. Emails and phone call are always welcome but we'd love some company so please start making plans for the summer visits so we have some family time to look forward to! WE love you all and hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Hey All!
We are late on the latest post but enjoying our summer days outside loving the beautiful weather!
Last weekend we made our way out to Chilliwack to see Al, Carolyn and fam while Mike, Jenn and Larsen visited. We had a great day on Al's yacht at Harrison Lake and had some good visiting before we made our way to Dino Town. Jayda had a blast there, kinda like a flintstone park type atmosphere. We also got a visit a couple weekeneds ago from my friend Becky from Medicine Hat. We had a great girls weekend together and can't wait for her to come back out. Earlier in the month Dan & Doreen came for a visit and enjoyed some of Kelowna's atmosphere with us. We had a nice visit and look forward to their return next year. Jayda's been loving her trampoline and starts her first batch of swimming lessons next weeekend. Daycare is going well but she's having an adjustment period moving from her crib to her bed. Jayda loves her new bed but doesn't like the idea of sleeping in it. Just jumping, reading, playing and singing, no one should really ever HAVE to sleep?! She keeps us busy.
Jason is getting down to the wire, he writes September 18th, so everybody keep him in your prayers!! He's done really good passing his mock exam and is trying to keep on top of things keeping up a good study schedule. Jason starts his rec volleyball league the day his exam ends. So he's excited to move onto more exciting parts of life. We'll also be trying out snowboarding this year, so we're looking forward to some snow in the mountains.
I'm busy at work, learning lots and keeping busy running with Jayda.
Keep in touch everybody and we hope you are all doing well!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


July has already been a busy month for our family! At the beginning of the month we tried to make like it was summer and spend some time at the beach. We also made our way to the yearly wakefest here in Kelowna, fun, fun!! Jason has been slaving away finishing up his last real module for CASB. Like usual our family likes to keep it complicated, so, Jason had his final exam for CASB on a Friday, was done by about 2:30pm, then by 3pm we were off to the airport flying out to Chris's wedding. We then hopped in a car and made our way to the Hat. The wedding was fantastic and it was so nice to see our friends and family. We met our new niece Mattia Ann and our new cousin, I guess...Larsen Mayo, little cuties!! It was a quick visit and we made our way back to Kelowna for some yardwork and waterskiing to finish up our summer holidays. Thankfully, we found out that Jason did pass his final and we are done with CASB!! Will not miss it at all!!! :) We're so happy to see our lives change and spend more time together! Jason is now off for the summer to study for his big exam in September. So we'll be enjoying the evenings and weekends together like normal families! SO EXCITING!!
Jayda just got a trampoline and is so excited to get jumping! Finally some entertainment for her in our yard while we slave away! :)
Well we really enjoyed seeing everyone who made it out to the wedding! Thanks to mom and dad for all the hard work and help!! We love you all, keep in touch and we hope to see some visitors out here soon!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


This month has been a whirlwind for all of us here! We started the month off with a visit to The Mayo Family in Chilliwack. What a great visit and beautiful drive! They so graciously hooked us up with some trees and plants for our yard. Thanks again Mayo's!! We had a trench dug for our cedars which started out as a good idea. After two days of delay and freaking that the hole wasn't going to be dug, it was. They dug this trench 3 x 3 ft - HUGE?! Our ground was full of boulders and rocks. So the job of getting the dirt back in the hole has been quite a chore! In the process of getting the trees in, I fell, and ended up fracturing my T5 vertebrete. I've been in chiro three times a week since then and am on the mend. The heartbreak of our month was having to put both of our dogs down this month due to health issues. So it's been an emotional rollercoaster around here. Jayda is learning new words everyday and walking down the stairs just holding onto the railing now. She's such a big girl! Jason is almost down to a week of work left before the summer break to study for his CA Exam in September. We're all excited to start spending some more time with him! We're excited for the upcoming wedding for Chris and Patricia, only two more weeks! Exciting!! So we'll be back in the Hat on the 13th so we hope to catch up with a lot of people then.
Hugs and Kisses!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life at the Hatch-hold

We have been a busy group here at the Hatch-hold. We are planning out some landscaping for our yard. After much thought and questioning to the Mayo Family. We've decided to put in some Cedars to outline the perimeter of our yard. Such a simple job, you would think. but it's taken up our lives lately. We luckily have had lots of willing help. We had friends over to help us find the pins for our property line tonight. What an adventure! Thank goodness for metal detectors! So we'll be driving out to Chiliwack next weekend to pick up the Cedars that the Mayo's have so graciously donated to our yard. We're excited to get in a visit with some family too, I can't believe we've been here almost 4 months and still haven't made it out to Chiliwack.
We spent our weekend pruning our trees all around the lot. Our cherry and plum trees were done earlier in the season but we hadn't gotten to our others. The fruit trees are growing like mad and we have no idea how we will even get rid of all the fruit. The flower bed is in full bloom with some tulips that are now gone, lilies, rose bushes and another one I think called Lucia, it smells really pretty. We are enjoying having some beautiful flowers to come home to.
Last weekend we had a fun time taking in Kelownas "May Days". There was a parade and little exhibition to go to. Jayda had a great time. After our hot day at the parade we made our way to the waterpark. Jayda was a little hesitant at first but a hot day is pretty welcoming for some cold water fun at the waterpark. She ran around the park and even went down the mini waterslide a few times. I'm sure we'll be frequenting the waterpark this summer.
Jason, as usual, spends all his time working away on CASB. He goes to Edmonton the weekend of Father's Day to take a UFE prep course(for his big test). Poor guy just doesn't get a break!
Jayda is go, go, go, as always. She's taken a real liking with shoes lately. She's constantly trying on shoes and can even get them on the right foot now. Jayda loves to watch her "Dora" in the morning and sings and dances along to the songs. She's become a big girl walking down the stairs by herself when holding onto the railing. She understands "sorry" now and will hug and kiss you if she's hurt you or your feelings, or made a mess, it's so cute!
As for me, I've taken up an evening class of Ju-Jitsu(self defense) with a friend. I'm still busy taking my classes at the YMCA on my lunch breaks. Most of my day is spent taking care of Jayda or at work. I'm excited to have my husband back soon to spend some time with and help! Only 5 more weeks until the end of Mod 5, woo hoo!
We love you all!! Congrats to David on his new job offer at TD Bank. Good job buddy!
Keep in touch!
The Hatch Family

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hello Everyone!
What have we been up to lately????
Well...Jason is working furiously on Module 5 for CASB. So the LONG hours continue! Jason has also been playing Volleyball every Thursday in a Co-ed league here in town. Last week, Jayda and I, went since he had an early game. He's getting back into it and so excited to be able to play Volleyball year round. Jayda enjoyed running around while she watched her daddy play, yelling "daddy, daddy", "ball, ball", it was really cute!
Jayda has been enjoying her time outdoors at daycare. They spend lots of time on the playground and in the sand box. Jayda loves to try to climb the ladder to the slide on her own. This much to the dismay of the daycare lady. She's constantly chasing her down trying to help her up before she helps herself up. This week she took a tumble and got a fat lip, poor baby?! Jayda is also learning not to pick flowers. She's tried to pick a couple of ours and the daycares but she's learning "no" and there have been no casaulties yet, thankfully. This also meaning now she can tell everyone "no". She loves to answer "no" to everything! Fun, fun, fun!
As for me, I've just been busy trying to progress at my job and take care of Jayda. I had a great Mother's Day with Jason spoiling me!! He took me shopping while he babysat Jayda and cooked for me all weekend. It was a great time!
Our family wishes all you Mother's out there a belated "Happy Mother's Day"! Congratulations to The Kuehn family on the purchase of their new home.
Take care everyone and keep in touch! We love and miss you all!