Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We're in Calgary!

It's been way too long since my last post! Sadly the last posts title "We're done" has to make me laugh! My professional student of a husband has decided to once again go back to school! Jason found out at the end of November that he passed his CA and is now persuing his CBV(Chartered Business Valuations). Unfortunately, Kelowna doesn't have much of an ability to train someone in this area, so we've had to move to Calgary to make that happen. The thought process for doing this came when we found out that I was expecting. We'll be having another little munchkin running around at the end of June! So we are happy but surprised with that news. My brother Chris and his wife Patricia are also expecting at the same time and other brother David and his wife Amy will be having one in November. So it's going to be the year of the Stevens Family babies! With my having to take sick leave early we figured we better make the move. So within a month we've rented out our place in Kelowna, found a place here in Calgary and made the move. Needless to say, we are all EXHAUSTED! It's strange being back in Alberta but it'll be nice to be closer to family. We picked a place to live that's quite close to the highway getting home so the drive should be pretty reasonable to Medicine Hat. So they'll be lots of visiting the grandparents while Jason slaves away with school and work. Jayda was such a good little girl on the drive over. I was really worried having to drive alone with her with no one to entertain her. She just watched her DVD's, sang and slept. The getting here as always was more complicated than expected. Uhaul screwed up our reservation, so rather than having one 26ft Uhaul we ended up with Jason driving a 17 ft Uhaul pulling a 6 x 12 trailer and another 6 x 12 trailer being pulled behind the Jeep with me. I've never really pulled a trailer, so it was pretty intimidating for me to get to drive that sucker through the mountains. I wasn't able to go over 80km/h or the trailer would swing back and forth and scare the crap out of me. It was pretty brutal white knuckling the wheel the whole way here. We were running late getting here and had people waiting to help us unload. So we could only stop once for 10 minutes for gas and had to drive straight through the rest of the way. With only 3 hours of sleep the night before it made for a very LONG day! We got here and thankfully my family was kind enough to met up with us and help unload the uhauls! We're now just spending our time unpacking and getting settled. We look forward to the visits from our friends in Kelowna this summer and hope to see a lot more of our Alberta friends and family while we are here. So keep in touch everybody and here is our new contact information...
125 Autumn Gardens SE
Calgary, AB
T3M 0H8
Love you all!

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