Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well the post of happiness has finally come! Jason has written his UFE and for now in our thoughts we are done! We don't find out the results of his exam until the end of November, so until then we will hope for the best. He went in prepared and no major catastrophies happened, so we are hoping for a good result with all this hard work. It's so nice to have both of us working normal hours and then enjoying our family life together in the evenings. Jason has started his rec Volleyball and is really enjoying that. We were able to find a babysitter this week so I went out and subbed this past week and it was a really good time.
Jayda is just growing so much everyday. She's already 3 ft tall so we know that we are going to have a TALL girl on our hands. She is so active, nothing has changed about that and spilling out more and more words everyday. She loves doing her sommersaults and yelling out "TADA" when she is done. She has also started thinking the phone is for her when it rings and always wants to have her turn to chat. It's so cute!! Sleep is still always a challenge with her. She's been tending to get out of bed and come downstairs to visit us in the middle of the night. Makes for great lacks of sleep during the week but she's just so cute, how can you be upset? So we walk around like Zombies with a cute little girl to show for it. Jayda's been enjoying her swimming lessons learning her kicking and blowing bubbles. Her favorite has to be the slide she could run back and forth to the slide the whole lesson and be happy.
As for me I have somehow gotten myself lured into training for a marathon. I HATE running so this is going to be such a challenge for me. A co worker showed interest and asked me to join, I didn't realize what I was getting into and now am in training for next years Okanangan Marathon(qualifier for the Boston Marathon). I have lured Jason in with me, so we'll be running that next year after plenty of brutal training that has already begun. We go to the marathon Thanksgiving weekend to help out and see what we have gotten ourselves into. After Thanksgiving weekend we are looking forward to a visit from my parents who are stopping by on their way to my cousin Jen Prince's wedding in San Diego, CA. So we wish Jen a great wedding and my parents a safe trip and can't wait to see them!
We are getting a little homesick for our families, especially with the knowledge that we won't be able to make our way home this Christmas. We hope to hear from you all and that you keep us posted and a part of your lives. Emails and phone call are always welcome but we'd love some company so please start making plans for the summer visits so we have some family time to look forward to! WE love you all and hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

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Randy said...

What a beautiful sight.... Jayda, Andrea and Jason. We miss all of you so much. It is wonderful that life is moving forward. Unfortunate that we can't be closer so we could share some of the successes, milestones with Jayda, and to share some of the load of raising a family.
thank you for sharing your pictures they are fabulous!!!!!
We ate turkey for all of you this weekend. We look forward to coming to your home this week. Love to all of you.
Tell Jayda we can't wait to see her sommersaults and the Tadahs.
Love and kisses, Mom and Dad