Sunday, September 9, 2007


Hey All!
We are late on the latest post but enjoying our summer days outside loving the beautiful weather!
Last weekend we made our way out to Chilliwack to see Al, Carolyn and fam while Mike, Jenn and Larsen visited. We had a great day on Al's yacht at Harrison Lake and had some good visiting before we made our way to Dino Town. Jayda had a blast there, kinda like a flintstone park type atmosphere. We also got a visit a couple weekeneds ago from my friend Becky from Medicine Hat. We had a great girls weekend together and can't wait for her to come back out. Earlier in the month Dan & Doreen came for a visit and enjoyed some of Kelowna's atmosphere with us. We had a nice visit and look forward to their return next year. Jayda's been loving her trampoline and starts her first batch of swimming lessons next weeekend. Daycare is going well but she's having an adjustment period moving from her crib to her bed. Jayda loves her new bed but doesn't like the idea of sleeping in it. Just jumping, reading, playing and singing, no one should really ever HAVE to sleep?! She keeps us busy.
Jason is getting down to the wire, he writes September 18th, so everybody keep him in your prayers!! He's done really good passing his mock exam and is trying to keep on top of things keeping up a good study schedule. Jason starts his rec volleyball league the day his exam ends. So he's excited to move onto more exciting parts of life. We'll also be trying out snowboarding this year, so we're looking forward to some snow in the mountains.
I'm busy at work, learning lots and keeping busy running with Jayda.
Keep in touch everybody and we hope you are all doing well!

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