Sunday, July 22, 2007


July has already been a busy month for our family! At the beginning of the month we tried to make like it was summer and spend some time at the beach. We also made our way to the yearly wakefest here in Kelowna, fun, fun!! Jason has been slaving away finishing up his last real module for CASB. Like usual our family likes to keep it complicated, so, Jason had his final exam for CASB on a Friday, was done by about 2:30pm, then by 3pm we were off to the airport flying out to Chris's wedding. We then hopped in a car and made our way to the Hat. The wedding was fantastic and it was so nice to see our friends and family. We met our new niece Mattia Ann and our new cousin, I guess...Larsen Mayo, little cuties!! It was a quick visit and we made our way back to Kelowna for some yardwork and waterskiing to finish up our summer holidays. Thankfully, we found out that Jason did pass his final and we are done with CASB!! Will not miss it at all!!! :) We're so happy to see our lives change and spend more time together! Jason is now off for the summer to study for his big exam in September. So we'll be enjoying the evenings and weekends together like normal families! SO EXCITING!!
Jayda just got a trampoline and is so excited to get jumping! Finally some entertainment for her in our yard while we slave away! :)
Well we really enjoyed seeing everyone who made it out to the wedding! Thanks to mom and dad for all the hard work and help!! We love you all, keep in touch and we hope to see some visitors out here soon!

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