Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hello Everyone!
What have we been up to lately????
Well...Jason is working furiously on Module 5 for CASB. So the LONG hours continue! Jason has also been playing Volleyball every Thursday in a Co-ed league here in town. Last week, Jayda and I, went since he had an early game. He's getting back into it and so excited to be able to play Volleyball year round. Jayda enjoyed running around while she watched her daddy play, yelling "daddy, daddy", "ball, ball", it was really cute!
Jayda has been enjoying her time outdoors at daycare. They spend lots of time on the playground and in the sand box. Jayda loves to try to climb the ladder to the slide on her own. This much to the dismay of the daycare lady. She's constantly chasing her down trying to help her up before she helps herself up. This week she took a tumble and got a fat lip, poor baby?! Jayda is also learning not to pick flowers. She's tried to pick a couple of ours and the daycares but she's learning "no" and there have been no casaulties yet, thankfully. This also meaning now she can tell everyone "no". She loves to answer "no" to everything! Fun, fun, fun!
As for me, I've just been busy trying to progress at my job and take care of Jayda. I had a great Mother's Day with Jason spoiling me!! He took me shopping while he babysat Jayda and cooked for me all weekend. It was a great time!
Our family wishes all you Mother's out there a belated "Happy Mother's Day"! Congratulations to The Kuehn family on the purchase of their new home.
Take care everyone and keep in touch! We love and miss you all!

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