Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life at the Hatch-hold

We have been a busy group here at the Hatch-hold. We are planning out some landscaping for our yard. After much thought and questioning to the Mayo Family. We've decided to put in some Cedars to outline the perimeter of our yard. Such a simple job, you would think. but it's taken up our lives lately. We luckily have had lots of willing help. We had friends over to help us find the pins for our property line tonight. What an adventure! Thank goodness for metal detectors! So we'll be driving out to Chiliwack next weekend to pick up the Cedars that the Mayo's have so graciously donated to our yard. We're excited to get in a visit with some family too, I can't believe we've been here almost 4 months and still haven't made it out to Chiliwack.
We spent our weekend pruning our trees all around the lot. Our cherry and plum trees were done earlier in the season but we hadn't gotten to our others. The fruit trees are growing like mad and we have no idea how we will even get rid of all the fruit. The flower bed is in full bloom with some tulips that are now gone, lilies, rose bushes and another one I think called Lucia, it smells really pretty. We are enjoying having some beautiful flowers to come home to.
Last weekend we had a fun time taking in Kelownas "May Days". There was a parade and little exhibition to go to. Jayda had a great time. After our hot day at the parade we made our way to the waterpark. Jayda was a little hesitant at first but a hot day is pretty welcoming for some cold water fun at the waterpark. She ran around the park and even went down the mini waterslide a few times. I'm sure we'll be frequenting the waterpark this summer.
Jason, as usual, spends all his time working away on CASB. He goes to Edmonton the weekend of Father's Day to take a UFE prep course(for his big test). Poor guy just doesn't get a break!
Jayda is go, go, go, as always. She's taken a real liking with shoes lately. She's constantly trying on shoes and can even get them on the right foot now. Jayda loves to watch her "Dora" in the morning and sings and dances along to the songs. She's become a big girl walking down the stairs by herself when holding onto the railing. She understands "sorry" now and will hug and kiss you if she's hurt you or your feelings, or made a mess, it's so cute!
As for me, I've taken up an evening class of Ju-Jitsu(self defense) with a friend. I'm still busy taking my classes at the YMCA on my lunch breaks. Most of my day is spent taking care of Jayda or at work. I'm excited to have my husband back soon to spend some time with and help! Only 5 more weeks until the end of Mod 5, woo hoo!
We love you all!! Congrats to David on his new job offer at TD Bank. Good job buddy!
Keep in touch!
The Hatch Family

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