Saturday, February 17, 2007

Appliance and furniture...done...onto better things...

Well, life goes on...we finally got our appliance and furniture purchased..EXPENSIVE..but...DONE!! We spent lots of time researching and hope we got everything we desired for a half decent price?! Work is busy, busy but we both are plugging along. Jason is starting the LONG tax season hours, making up for his time off in the summer studying for the UFE(Uniform Final Exam). We will be SO happy once this is all done and we can start spending some time together as a family. It's so weird transitioning from lots of time off and time together to Jayda in daycare all day and us at work and not getting home until about 6pm. We got to work and it's dark, we come home and it's dark. So it can be depressing but Friday we both took off early and enjoy the SUNSHINE of the Okanagon. It was so beautiful out, for clouds, clear skies and a beautiful sunshiney day! Those are the days we LIVE for!!! Everyone is out golfing here, it's mid Feb, we can't even believe that's possible. Driving ranges are full of people and the paths are full of life and going. We love it! We are counting the days until we can get out of this house and into our own. It's so hard to keep Jayda out of all the knick knacks around here. You realize how unbaby proofed an older couples house becomes over the years when your child is slowly showing you everything that should be put out of reach. What a bum?! Jayda's got this funny little fred flintstone dance she does now when she gets excited, it's SO CUTE! She's so much fun! I pick her up from daycare and she's so excited to see me and when daddy gets in the car she just whines "Dada, Dada" until he acknowledges her, which of course doesn't take long. She just adores her Dada!! She's getting so tall and beautiful, Daddy and I are getting worried!
Well we love you all and hope all is well in your households. Seems everyone is on holidays so SOAK up some sun for us! We are hoping Grandma is feeling well, seems after all her surgeries for her recently diagnosed breast cancer she's back again for a broken leg. Just can't get enough can you Grandma. Our prayers are with you. We love you!
Hugs and Kisses to all!
The Hatch Family


Moneymaker said...

Golfing hey...I'm on my way. Bryan

Hatchez said...

Aw i miss u guys, i am glad everything is ok in Kelowna!