Thursday, March 1, 2007

It's SPRING....almost!

Things here in Kelowna are going well. Jayda started a new daycare this week. She is now being watched by a Scottish woman who watches three other children Jayda's age. She has become very vocal this week and seems to really enjoy the interaction with the other kids.
Work is going well for both Jason and Andrea. We are getting excited to take possession of the duplex mid March and get out of this place.
We had a visit from the raccoons this week, they got the dogs all rialed up! I don't think they'll be back with Coal & Cass's scary barks.
Jayda is now saying "Thank you" and "Love you", she's getting so smart!
Well, we love and miss you all. Today was a beautiful summers day, we're happy to be into a nice spring!
The Hatch Family

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Hatchez said...

I am glad everything is going great! Again we miss you. I can't wait to email you pictures of our place!