Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Getting ready to move, hoo-ray! Looks like the move might take a few trips since the trailer is much smaller than we had anticipated. OoPS...says Jason! Going up and down the mountains with the trailer should be FUN times!! Got to live for some adventure, right?!

Jayda's been quite sick this week with a respiratory virus. Poor baby, it's so sad to see her crying everytime she coughs! Jason has had to take work off all week since she's too sick for daycare. So I go to work all morning while Jason takes care of Jayda, we have supper as a family and then Jason is back to work until about midnight. He's been so GREAT working SO hard! We're crossing our fingers daycare will take Jayda back on Monday, we really need to start working normal hours again so Jason can get in some OT. Gotta love tax season!

We hope everyone is doing well, next post we'll be in our house, FINALLY!!!! :) LOVE YOU ALL! LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!

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AllyZ said...

Hey guys. Hope the moving went well, it'll be nice to finally have a place you can make your own. Sorry I haven't logged on in a while. Tax season is in full swing. Not much to report here, we spent today tearing apart our downstairs bathroom so now I'm really excited to get it done. But it's a slow process since we only work on when we get a chance. Just wanted to say hi.
allison & casey